So I’m checking out the web…applications, services and what-not and it just dawned on me….WHAT THE HELL IS EVERYONE DOING??? Every site that I went to and attempted to use their free services asked me to log-in in with my Facebook account….now at first site it seems innocent enough, but then went the screen popped up that said that the site would be able to have access to my friends, all of my personal information and all of my friends personal information….. :  (    what is this world now coming to. I see why they give their services and software away for free. They have a plethora of information at their disposal and in this day and age, information is power.  So no longer is Facebook the                           lone wolf  or shark  in this media game, its everyone with a website that is willing to jump on the bandwagon and actively attempt to secretly trade free services for personal information. They are no longer waiting for the consumer to come to them. They want ALL of your personal information and they want it NOW! The normal procedures would have been for the consumer simply fill out a basic online form with minimum information so that they could receive the free services. Now, they want all of your friends, pictures, personal data that would NEVER be shared with a site like that. And to top it off….the consumer doesn’t have to be logged onto the site in order for the hosting site to access the users personal info and friends info. THEY CANE DO IT WHENEVER THEY WANT TO!!! I don’t know about you guys out there, but this IS scary! They know more about you than you actually remember you do. Soon there will be nowhere you can hide. THEY WILL FIND YOU!!! Good luck people…..I am praying for you.