As I was studiously engaged in active research on my final project for Social Internet TECH621, I ran across some interesting information regarding Facebook’s new http standard. I totally understood that they were implementing new security protocols for the benefit of its media users, but really didn’t understand WHY, considering they are willing to divulge the personal home addresses and phone numbers of its dedicated subscribers. Then I saw a web page that (luckily studied and took notice) noted that third-party application developer’s application would no longer work while its users were browsing under https. Their applications did not work. Hmmm, so i wonder if it was an intentional secret that Facebook did not care to mention to its user via Facebook that they were choosing to implement this new standard. Is Facebook the Sneaky Shark?                                              

Apparently, they ARE the shark in the water and nothing can stop them from taking over social media and manipulating the rules as they see fit. Or is it not them who is the sneaky shark, but the government who is merely using Facebook as a tool to implement their “transparency” and exploit everyone’s personal life who engage in social media? What a way to look at it…. As I’ve said before, if you don’t want them to know…stay off the sites…that is the only way to be sure that your privacy is yours and your alone….