Over the past few years it has been noticeably apparent  that Facebook aims to deregulate standard  privacy practices that users are accustomed to while using social media. Although Facebook’s stance is that if users are navigating their media platform, then they should be willing to fore-go the right to be anonymous browsers, IT DOES NOT MEAN THAT I SHOULD TRADE YOU MY PRIVACY FOR SOCIAL INTERACTIONS. But, Facebook doesn’t stop there. They go as far as to, not only fore-go standard privacy practices, but invite 3rd party API developers to have the same exact access to user’s personal information as the host site itself.

In a 2008 research study by Adrienne Felt, it was discovered that Facebook’s 3rd party API’s generally require none of the users personal information, but have complete access to it. Out of 150 studied Facebook applications, only 14 required private information. Of those 14 application, 4 of them violated Facebook’s Terms of Service Agreements. THIS IS WILD! Facebook is allowing 3rd party API developers to violate legal agreements set forth by the host site itself. They pull user data and add it to an in-application profile, making it visible to other application users who would otherwise not have access to it. I don’t know about you guys out there, but since beginning the class, Social Internet, I am much more aware, now, of certain privacy regulations and what is legitimate and what is not. SO users, beware because your information is up for grabs to Facebook API developers and the parties they sell their software to. C-R-E-E-P-Y!