Also in the lecture on Tuesday was understanding technical and non-technical papers and directly finding, understanding and extracting specific information from these papers. This is to be done in minimal time so that an individual can maximize their time focusing on the relevant points of the body of information being read. Some of the points of class is as follows:

The reasons you want to look for specific information first is because it helps to decide if the article is relevant to your interests and if you need to be read or to be discarded. You can make a quick assessment about the quality of the article, based on: year of publication, research sample type and population size. It also lets an individual get an overall picture and understanding of the article so that, upon a second reading, you will be able to read it  much faster and understand the information in the parameters in which it were meant to be understood. We were given speed reading exercises and applicable worksheets speed read and fill out the worksheets accordingly.