Today’s lecture was about individual personal, attention and the distractions that keep us from it. We discussed if technology’s effect on society or society’s effect on technology affected our individual decisions about attentions.

Topics discussed in class are as follows, but not limited to:
Carr, Jackson- Technological Determinism-What technology does to me vs Human Agency-What I do to technology.
Luddites-Individuals who hate technology
Adaptive Structuration Theory(Giddens)

– distraction/ interruptions
– multitasking
– information theory

What it is, How it works?
Single channel theory automaticity theory
Serial vs Parallel Attention
How to train your attention if something outside grabs your attention
Bottom Up Attention- controlled by the individuals spot light metaphors attention is a spot light top down
Top Down Attention- The scenario controls the attention
-Attention is the most scarce resource in today’s society