How Secure Am I Really and At What Costs?

I was online recently and it dawned on me that someone just might be monitoring what I was doing. It is clear that ‘we’ have serious security threats that are thwarted everyday by the government and corporations factions on the behalf of the American people, but when the government decides to step in and bend or break the laws that were put in place to protect us, it seriously worries me. It is enough that we have to worry about our own personal security issues by even being on social media sites, but adding additional worries by having the government setting up dummy accounts on social media sites just so that they can gain the trust of unsuspecting individuals and well as their daily personal information. This troubles me. Sssooo……….   HOW SECURE ARE WE REALLY AND TO WHO ARE WE LENDING OUR TRUST TO? It is very conceivable that if the government can employ hundreds or even thousands of professional hackers and tech guy(s)/girl(s) to keep us safe from cyber attacks, those same individuals can develop web crawlers to spy and grabs personal info from the web about every citizen in the United States and beyond. This troubles me. What guarantee are we given from these sites that our personal information is more secure with them than from intrusion attempts from unwanted parties? Are these sites technical professionals better than the ones that the government employ? WHAT DO WE REALLY KNOW? This troubles me.

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What has freedom of speech come to and at what cost?

What has this world come to when an individual cannot even sit back and reflect on ones thoughts and write it down without someone having an opinion about it. It should not matter if it is public or not! WHY is it scrutinized to the point where it creates friends or enemies? Clearly  it is not enough to just be an outspoken individuals with freedoms and have at your core the taut feeling of individualism, but it comes at a cost.  This also troubles me. Take for example what is going in in Libya and other middle eastern countries; all they want is freedom from oppression and the right to be classified as an individual with liberties and own the right to free speech without persecution. With that said, I propose a solution….not only should celebrities be [paid] for posting thoughts and having free speech, but everyone who has something to say.  This does not trouble me.

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