~ Identity performance Identifying characteristics is important on how to present yourself. How you analyze yourself on your speech while online. Attempting to get away from who you really are and portray yourself in a different manner. Online social media allows you to disembody themselves from their current persona. Difficulties of online presentation are that of self perception and their intended audiences perception.  GOFFMAN speaks about  front stage pertaining to in the public persona whereas back stage deals with a more relaxed approach, where you are comfortable with friends, but could still  be interpreted by people who are unwittingly  in your front stage. Conceptual thinking deals with applying  the theory. More frequently we see blurring of lines between front stage and back stage.

~Crowd Wisdom– (Difference of crowds, crowd sourcing and community) Wisdom of Crowds deals with  gaining a collective idea from a crowd based off of the consensus of the individuals Where as crowd sourcing deals with  getting ideas from crowds but one single individual makes the decision.