Hey guys, I know this is a little late for me to be speaking on this but, I thoroughly found the presentation and lecture by Erick Dietz interesting as well as informative. Having us brainstorm and come up with ideas on how to integrate social media into emergency homeland security is a brilliant way to invest in the modernization of the current system. Although immediately I did not have any great ideas, I did think about one that is very feasible, especially within the Comcast community.


Considering the fact that, last year all cable  providers have subscribers enlisted in digital cable, subscribers are essentially forced to have some form of digital cable box in order to receive cable in their homes. Now from this box, an attached hand-held keypad the size of a small cell phone could serve as some sort of device that could be utilized in the event of an emergency. In an emergency, digital service is suspended but the actual channel remains open and information can essentially still be passed through the line. If with Comcast, when service is subscribed to an account similar to Twitter can be set up automatically that is specific to Comcast. Now when setting up service with Comcast(TV and INTERNET) a web address and email is automatically established. This can be the same for the Comcast type Twitter account. Now this is just an idea, but none the less an idea that should be looked at.